Acrylic lacquers dry speed performance characteristics

Beijing Forbidden City acrylic paint, paint coating from the fluid state, a solid physical and chemical process of coating, is called a process of paint film is dry, dry length is referred to as the process of drying time, there are many factors that can influence the film drying time, let's learn about the acrylic paint film drying speed performance characteristic is what?

: thermoplastic acrylic paint film of high polymer material is a kind of linear structure, heating film forming process, not because of their own or substance reacts with the outside world, and form remind structure, the drying process is a process of self volatilization, also known as volatile paint.

Thermoplastic acrylic paint drying speed: fast, usually one hour at room temperature, can achieve action;If under the effect of the high temperature of 100 ~ 120 ℃, the drying speed can be further improved.

Thermosetting acrylic resin, the resin paint containing active functional groups, crosslinking reaction heating itself and the outside world, the formation of polymer film forming material, paint film can be dried at room temperature.

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