The amount of epoxy zinc-rich primer containing zinc content

Beijing Forbidden City epoxy zinc-rich primer, epoxy zinc rich primer is the current industrial applications, the coating primer is the most widely the scope of products, the coating product quality performance, how many, the content of zinc and its metal is inseparable, so, how many zinc content is appropriate, whether for the ingredients of this product at home and abroad have standard, the following will solve the problem for you.

International practice, the zinc content of zinc rich primer, epoxy to basic control over 70% is qualified.Forbidden City paint paint industry experts said that the zinc content of epoxy zinc-rich primer, is refers to the paint composition, no volatiles in the different levels of zinc, not the whole bucket of paint, how many of the content of zinc powder, generally speaking, the total content of zinc powder content can reach 50%, it was already very good paint products.

Epoxy zinc-rich primer with principle of choose and buy.When the user select the epoxy zinc-rich primer, must want to consider a few details, including paint, construction environment, the project category, corrosion time and so on.Is not in conformity with the construction conditions, in a timely manner for product replacement.Such as anti-corrosive coating for more than 10 years, at the same time, the construction environment in high resistance to salt fog area, don't hesitate, epoxy zinc-rich primer, of course, is the most appropriate choice.

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