Process and brushing method of fluorocarbon paint

The ultimate effect of paint, paint, and paint quality is closely related, but also with the paint coating process, closely related to the construction of fluorocarbon paint is a simple, easy to master, can be flexible application of the commonly used paint products, a lot of paint construction personnel, will be in the process of brushing many difficult problems, we will explain the relevant issues.
One, the immersion length of brush hair. Dipped into paint brush, brush hair immersion length, exquisite, if more than half of bristles, brush hair root ministry will touch paint, this paint will be deformed, resulting in its life will be shortened.
Two, paintbrush. Stick fluorocarbon paint paintbrush, before brushing first gently wipe paint brush, such excess paint is scraped off, besmear more smoothly, but also to prevent the excess paint drips into the region of the brush or ground to be clean.
Three, pay attention to the paintbrush. Brushing is perpendicular to the surface, to top-down brush; surface coating level, in accordance with the brush in the direction of the sun; brushing wood surface should be brushing in accordance with the wood grain. The whole process of brushing, must be controlled by the intensity of the coating, the thickness of the film to ensure uniform.
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