Information of anti-corrosive paint: paint baby have influen

Beijing Forbidden City anti-corrosive paint information: paint besmear is in domestic outfit project is one of indispensable items, after paint besmear is known to all, often send out a thick smell, it emit the smell of paint, in addition to smell, whether has a harmful effect on human health, especially for pregnant women baby group, can bring certain influence?Let's together to analyze.

Anti-corrosion paint information of paint can affect the health of pregnant women baby?Paint, experts say, the paint has great influence on pregnant women and fetus is smell.As a result of this is paint product composition, paint the formaldehyde composition, is to stimulate the important source of odour, formaldehyde is toxic, a lot of after breathing can kill people, life for a long time in room filled with formaldehyde, can induce leukemia, cancer, respiratory disease and other disease.

But, if can get rid of the paint smell, clever will eliminate these great potential safety hazard.Know some small coup, remove paint smell can play a big help.Put two POTS indoors brine, for example, with tea wipes furniture surface, planting some bracketplant, chrysanthemum, ivy plant that quickly absorb odors, timing ventilation, buy air purifier, is a good way to remove paint smell, fast and convenient.

At the same time, also can by changing the paint brand, access to the most direct green odorless indoor environment.Paint brands to recommend the Forbidden City, is your trust of choice.


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