Delivery of jingdong Joe city of Beijing Forbidden City wate

On June 26, 2015, is located in the jingdong luck Qiao Jiancai officially opened the city of Beijing's Forbidden City water-based paint sales.The new store are mainly composed of the Forbidden City, industrial paint.Product range covers machinery, hardware appliances, automobile industry, construction industry, and casting, Bridges, ships, containers, railway and other application fields.In the Forbidden City water paint store not only has a full range of product samples and introduction, the more equipped with after construction sample and standard color CARDS, to let everybody more intuitive insight into the Forbidden City water-based paint.

Beijing Forbidden City focus in the field of industrial paint, paint industry products are superior in quality, variety complete, involved in the Forbidden City brand alkyd paint, nitro paint, amino paint, epoxy paint, acrylic paint, fluorocarbon lacquer, floor paint, high-temperature paint, water-based paint, powder coating and so on more than 20 categories, more than one hundred varieties of paint, paint products.Products are sold well all over the country, well received by users and praise highly.

As a famous brand, the Forbidden City paint all of the products are synchronous with international product standards, conform to China's latest safety standards, environmental protection and accept China's highest level of quality.Rigorous and efficient quality management concept and policy, make the Forbidden City paint on the product development, production and business operation and service of persist to pursue the detail perfect, through the provision of colour and design services, for the majority of the construction engineering the indelible contributions.


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