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 Company profile

Beijing Forbidden City Paint Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, is located in Lucheng development area, Tongzhou District, Beijing, is a professional production of various kinds of heavy duty industrial paint, civil, mechanical and electrical equipment in different areas of the paint, coating of professional manufacturers. After continuous development and expansion, the company further expanded, in 2012, the company established a new production base in Guan Hebei, covering more than 20000 square meters, annual production capacity of more than 20000 tons, and has a sound sewage treatment, waste gas treatment equipment, first-class chemical safety equipment, and has a variety of coating production and processing equipment, is a fully in line with national standards of modern chemical products manufacturers. Strict scientific management, from product development and production to the final test, are strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 standards, and have an independent product development capabilities. All kinds of testing equipment, fully guarantee the reliability and safety of the product

We are focus in the field of industrial paint, production of the products are of good quality, variety complete, involving the Forbidden City Brand alkyd paint, nitro paint, paint, amino, epoxy paint, acrylic paint, fluorocarbon paint, floor paint, resistance to high temperature paint, water paint, powder coatings, etc. more than 20 categories, more than 100 varieties paint, paint products. Products sold throughout the country, praised by users and praise.

company philosophy

The historical heritage of the Forbidden City in Beijing, the future, paint Co. Ltd has an excellent enterprise should have qualities, dare to open a broad mind, more forward-looking, strong sense of responsibility and the spirit of the pursuit of excellence, has invested funds continue to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly products to lead the future development of ideas, sustainable in the practice of development strategy of globalization, and all aspects of health and environmental protection, green painting concept of human life, to tackle the global energy crisis, environmental degradation and other threats at the same time, show the "Forbidden City" high quality, humane connotation of life to the public to excellent quality, realize the dream of mankind "building ecological homeland".

Is committed to become a pioneer in the construction of green building, so technology leader, product leader, service leader, to provide quality products + professional painting + one-stop service mode, to provide customers with safe and reliable pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, unique in the industry, to create their own unique competitive advantage, and then win respect and trust, and ultimately win the market

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