Consulting to join Free for the Forbidden City with finish information (e.g., corporate brochures, product manuals, investment promotion manual, flyers, CD etc, selective) according to different situations, concrete can be mailed or delivered. Joining the intention to contact call letters contacts, communication with the depth of league, understand customers comprehensive situation. Customer power research company up to the investigation, evaluation, fill out the intention client assessment, a preliminary cooperation intention. Enterprise field The company invited members to visit. To contract Depth of negotiation for both parties, joining the contract signed. Payment of deposit In accordance with requirements of the market management standardization, pay the deposit to the company. Regional market research carried out in cooperation with our regional manager of the local market of league preliminary market research. Eight, to form a basis for regional marketing team to carry out the needs and contract requirements, recruitment and staff team. Corporate training company to send to the regional market guidance or organize personnel to company headquarters to attend training. Tracking service Assist to develop regional markets built with business development plan, assist in developing large projects, assist bid designing, assist to do a good job of customer and sales team management, and other series.

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